Based in Los Angeles, I am a designer of experiences across a variety of spaces. I strive to facilitate and formulate the bond between stakeholder and user, by understanding the wants and needs of both. With a solid background in design aesthetic, I also approach my discipline with the objectivity of a scientist. Together, we can construct a better world, one pixel at a time.

UX Process


I have adopted a core methodology that is not only user empathetic, but also dovetails those needs and challenges into experiential solutions that achieve stakeholder objectives. In other words, I create UX with a balanced understanding of consumer needs and business requirements.

Stickies to Prototypes


A step by step, goal-focused and iterative approach is what makes what a UX / UI designer's efforts so impactful. Whether it's sketching a storyboard freehand, whiteboarding a user journey, creating detailed wireframes, or developing pixel-perfect prototypes, I am versatile in my ability to provide a wide range of UX deliverables. I can also jump right in and create a rapid prototypes as well.

Agile Collaboration


Attuned to the priorities of the Product Owner, I seek to efficiently deliver quality iterations, while working with cross-functional teams in successive sprints.

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